Let Elite Find your Loads

  • Flat Rate $200.00 per week
  • Hot Shot Rate $275.00 per week
  • Back office full service
  • Fill out carrier packets
  • Invoicing
  • Credit checks
  • Advance requests from your factoring company or broker

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Paperwork Only Program

  • Flat Rate $125.00 per week
  • Fill out carrier packets
  • Invoicing
  • Credit checks
  • Advance requests from your factoring company or broker


Optional Services with Preferred Partners

  • Factoring
  • DOT Compliance
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
  • IRP Tags
  • State Permits
  • 2290 Processsing
  • UCR
  • FEIN and DOT
  • ICC Filings
  • KS & KY Assessments
  • Trailer Tags & Title Work
  • Deferred Down Payment Program
  • TBS Fuel Finder
  • STARTUP Bundle


"I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you do because I know you get paperwork and more paperwork all day. I really appreciate everything that you guys do. You know ever since I found ya’ll, well you guys found me, but it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I would be lost without you guys. So, thank you all."

-Independence Trans, LLC

“I would like to take this time to tell everyone how excited I am about working with TBS and especially the young lady that  helps [with] my paperwork that handles my headache with no problem, Miss Sonia. It's good to know that TBS treat[s] me like family. With them I have seen my revenue increase about $1,500 a week, no hassle, no haggling over paperwork [or] over filling out carrier packs. She does it all no matter how heavy the workload is, so being with TBS has been the best thing that ever could have happened  to me and my daughter that I'm raising as a single parent. Keep up the good work and I just love TBS."

-4 G's Logistics

"I have been with Elite for a little over a year and they have kept me rolling, getting me the best rates possible."

-W&F Trucking

“I would recommend this serice to anyone. Elite has a friendly, professional staff and they are always ready help."

- Zollinger Enterprises, LLC

“Elite was the best decision we made starting as a new establishment. I would recommend Elite to any trucking company, new or old."

- Mobley Logistics, LLC

“I can rely on Elite to take care of all the paperwork on each load so I can focus on getting it delivered!"

- WM Vuicich Trucking, LLC